Quick Cold Wash. QCW

Chop the herb up


place it in an empty bottle no more than ¾ full.

bud bottle2

Put that in the freezer, with the lid off.

Place a bottle of 95% Ethanol in the freezer too.

for 10 to 20hrz
for 10 to 20hrz

12-24 hrs later…

The herb should be frozen solid….


Pour the freezing cold ethanol into the bottle of frozen herb until covered by ¼ to a 1/3 over the top of the herb, put the lid on tight and shake for 3 min. The ethanol will change colour from clear to Gold or Amber. No more than 3 minutes. Work swiftly, you do not want to see any hint of a green colour.

3 Minute shake



Remove lid and strain.

First through a piece of cheesecloth over the top of the bottle.


Or,, a standard kitchen strainer

Kitchen Strainer
Kitchen Strainer

Next, pour through a coffee filter paper, set into a kitchen funnel, with the bottom of the funnel directed into the capture bottle.

coffee filter paper

Be patient,,,,,,, it will take its own sweet time to get through the coffee paper. Do not try to force it through.



Pour a small amount of freezing cold Ethanol to flush the last bit out of the coffee filter.

When it drips out clear, no color. Your done, you got it all.

Cannabis Tincture

The result is a red/yellow off-clear, full strength Tincture of Cannabis.
With little to no chlorophyll’s to speak of and all three medicinal fractions fully rinsed from the herb.

tincture of cannabis

Evaporate the Ethanol out.

Non Activated Extract

Use a fan in a well ventilated area. this process will deliver a non-active cannabinolic acid extract eg THCA, CBDA, etc..
Non-Active extracts are not psycho active,, that means you don’t get stoned, or high from non active extracts.

Activated Extract

For fully activated extracts THC CBD. Apply gentle heat, below 100c. Use a rice cooker or steamer, well ventilated area eg.. outdoors, or Simply
pour into a baking tray and leave, outdoors, in the full, direct sunlight.

The dry oil is amber-clear, and highly potent.

Hash oil

Hash Oil

Full strength medical cannabis extract is a three-part synergy of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavi(o)noids.

Extractions for medical use should take up all three medicinal families with great efficiency and minimize the amount of chlorophyll’s, concrete oils and waxes which have minimal therapeutic value.

Hash oil                                                                                        hash oil

Where to find 95% medicinal grade Ethanol.


95% Ethanol
95% Ethanol

A.K.B. Productions Pty Ltd.
Lot 60 Deepwater Road.
Torrington. N.S.W. 2371
ph/fax 02, 67346322


Polmos Spirytus Rectified Spirit 95% 500mL

You get it from the local bottle shop. They may have to order it in for you.

Buy it online.


Author: Radic

Although I do not have any formal qualifications in this field, my father is a retired herbalist, so I grew up with him growing and making many herbal medicines and cosmetics.
In my youth, I was in a car accident that left me with 7 crushed vertebra, and I, a life of chronic pain. I use to smoke lots of cannabis to control the pain. In 1995 I read a book called Hemp for Health which stated that cannabis is a herb…. That’s when I realized that I could make medicines, very easy from cannabis, rather than just smoke it. So started my journey into the world of medicinal cannabis therapy.
The first extract I tried was a pain cream from the roots to treat my chronic back pain. It worked very well for me, then a neighbor, who was suffering pain from a tropical ulster on his foot, had to be carried to my door. I applied the root cream to his foot, soon after, he was able to walk home unassisted.

Well since then I have dug up many old traditional medicinal recipes to make lots of different medicines with which, I have successfully treated so many different ailments, both on myself and others who asked me for help.
There is nothing more empowering for me, than to grow and make, all my own medicines, that cure and relive all my ailments.
From the garden to the medicine chest, it is all so easy, people have been successfully making their own medicines from cannabis without all the modern technology of today, for hundreds of years..