Activated Charcoal Filter

Activated Charcoal Filters are recommended to strip out all toxins, residual solvents, heavy metals, chemicals from sprays or fertilizers,  everything that is not a cannabinoid will be scrubbed out by passing through at least 4 mil of activated charcoal.

Equipment List

  • Granulated Activated Charcoal
  • coffee filter paper
  • 95% Ethanol
  • Kitchen Funnel
  • Capture Bottle


Set the filter up in a clean, dry space where it won’t be disturbed for many hrs.


Set the kitchen funnel to drain inside the capture bottle. Mount a coffee filter inside the kitchen funnel. Place at least a 4 mil layer, of granulated activated charcoal, inside the coffee filter, which is mounted inside the kitchen funnel.

Prime the filter 

Start Pouring clean Ethanol into the top of the filter.
Watch the color of the ethanol as it comes out the bottom of the funnel.
At first it will be cloudy, black and dusty looking.


When the Ethanol drips out the bottom of the funnel 100% Clear. Stop pouring the clean ethanol into the top of the filter and let any remaining Ethanol drain out of the filter.
Empty, clean and replace the capture bottle.

The filter is now Primed and ready to use.

Prep the Extract

Mix 95% Ethanol with the extract  about 10:1 in a bottle.
10 ml of ethanol with every 1 gram of extract

Put the lid on loose, not tight.
Apply gentle heat, to the outside of the bottle. eg., Place the bottle in a pan of boiled water. Do not allow the hot water to get into the bottle of Ethanol/extract mix.

Gently stir till the extract is well mixed into the Ethanol. It won’t take much heat and it should mix quite quickly and thoroughly.
When it is completely mixed, stop, cool it down.
Now you’re ready to start.

AC Filter

Pour the extract/ethanol mixture into the top of the AC filter


Be patient.,., it takes some time to pass through the charcoal. Never rush this process. let the activated charcoal do what it does best. Scrub the toxins and chemicals out.



You may need to repeat the process several times to get it clean and pure.

Take a small sample after each pass through the AC filter, evaporate the Ethanol out of the sample. Then, test it. Can you see or smell any pollution?
When it passes these two tests, it’s time to smoke a very small bit for a third and final, taste test.

Final Rinse.

When you are satisfied your extract is clean and pure, rinse any remaining extract out of the filter, with clean Ethanol. when it drips out the bottom 100% clear, STOP. All the extract is now in the capture bottle. and the pollution is in the charcoal.. Finished.
It’s time to evaporate all the ethanol out.


Apply gentle heat till all the bubbles are gone.


Safety Warning..
Strictly outside, in a well ventilated area. No smoking, No naked flames.

This process can be dangerous to your health and safety. Please follow the directions in the safety warning.
Float the capture bowl on a pan of boiling water. Never let the water boil dry.
Apply gentle heat till all the bubbles are gone.



Use a silicone spatula to scrape the extract out of the capture bowl onto a silicone sandwich mat while it is still hot, then put it in the fridge to cool the extract.


when the extract is cool it is easy to handle, and get the weight.

There are distillers available off the shelf, that will do a fine job too. eg Magic Butter Machine.
Alternative– No Heat Method.
Pour the extract/ethanol mixture into a baking tray then use a fan to blow air over the top of extract/ethanol mixture, directed outside and away from people or pets.

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Activated charcoal filter